Get Involved

Summer brings many opportunities to invest in our communities. We’ve found that the time we spend building into our community gives us a sense of vision and pride while making a difference. It’s worth the time and energy! In last month’s newsletter, I mentioned our involvement with the Newberg area Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for […]


Spring is in full bloom! We are daily reminded of growth by the sprouting and spreading in our natural environment. At CPM, we have been growing too! Growing with new ideas in how to better serve you and gathering new properties and tenants while we’re at it. Growth can be tough because it means we […]

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is here! This is the time of year we at CPM perform our annual inspections which function as a review of sorts. We note the conditions of the properties we serve to see if things can be improved and coordinate with property owners and tenants to facilitate those improvements. This is part of […]

New Office

In the road of life with glory and heartbreak hope is what keeps us going. It is our lifeline or roadmap when circumstances get hard. Over the past couple months, during our office move it seemed at times that nothing was working out the way it should and deadlines for certain tasks kept getting extended. […]

We’re moving!

Many of you might have just come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions – run a marathon, visit family more often, recycle whenever you can or make a new friend. Whatever our resolutions are they tend to highlight the things in life we value. Health. Family. Environment. Friendship.   At CPM, our resolutions […]