If you would like additional reports delivered monthly with your statement, i.e. cash flow report, we are able to post the requested reports to your portal. Just let us know what you are seeking.


We are able to manage properties feasibly within a 35-minute drive from our Newberg office. If you have been looking to consolidate management of your properties let us know if we can help.

Rent Increases:

If you have specific input on when or how you would like rent to increase for your property, please let us know. We typically increase rents moderately in March every year and are now required to give a 90-day notice of any increase.


Once the leaves have fallen, gutters will need to be cleaned. We advise gutter cleaning for all multifamily dwellings and single-family homes which have either 2+ floors or tenants without the ability to climb a ladder.


If you would like to receive an estimate for upcoming major improvements such as roof replacement, large tree removal, etc, let us know and we can get that to you for consideration.


To submit funds into your Trust account, online portal users have the option to login and arrange for funds to be sent electronically. We are notified when funds are submitted and your account will immediately reflect the deposit.

Power washing:

During the drier days of summer, cobwebs, mildew, and debris can compile on siding and under eaves. Consider power washing the exterior of your property to preserve material life and enhance appeal.


If you have exterior work planned for your property, summer is a great time for that work to be scheduled. Let us help with your projects by scheduling with contractors to get an estimate and nail down their availability.


This spring has been warm and summer is going to be upon us shortly. Consider options for cooling your property, whether air conditioning, or ceiling or attic fans. This can improve livability for your tenants.

Rate increases:

Typically, the goal of CPM with rent prices is to keep good tenants in place long-term. Maximum market rent is available but can sometimes create a short-term tenancy when tenants are stretched. Still, we welcome your feedback considering your financial needs. We are happy to discuss options.

Emailed statements:

We offer monthly statements via our online portal at no cost which are time-saving and can be viewed and printed as many times as you need. If you haven't switched over yet, feel free to sign up anytime.

Electronic payments:

Your monthly payments can be sent directly to your bank account instead of via paper check at no additional charge. This may save you the time and energy spent on depositing checks with your bank.


Consider setting aside or having us set aside reserves for major repairs, such as roofing, siding, or HVAC. This can prevent scrambling when the time comes for replacement later, whether months or years down the line.


If your property is in a neighborhood with an HOA, please make sure that we have updated copies of the Association's CC&Rs on file to give to tenants.


Let us know if you are arranging a visit or for a contractor to perform work at your property ahead of time. Law requires 24-hour notice, but the more time you give a tenant the more relaxed everyone will be while the work is done.

Custom Instructions:

If there is a customized element of your property which requires special attention, you may provide us with special instructions to maintain that element. We want to hear from you.

Keep Reserves:

Especially with single family homes, it is advised to have financial reserves on hand to cover at least one month’s worth of expenses in case a tenant moves suddenly due to job loss, transfer, or other emergency circumstances. This is a proactive measure.


Anticipate that if a tenant moves from a property after an extended tenancy, there may be expenses necessary related to painting and flooring due to normal wear and tear. This is a fairly standard part of having a rental property. Consult a tax adviser regarding tax deductions for property improvements.

Questions Welcome:

Let us know if you need clarification on a statement (i.e. repair costs, recommended work). We love to have everything be clear to our clients and want to be as transparent as possible. There are no silly questions.