Many owners do not have time, necessary knowledge of the law, or desire to deal with tenants. In many cases, a property manager is better able to facilitate negotiation between owner and tenant. Your investment requires careful attention to accounting and management procedures. We offer our property owners and their tenants an organized and effective approach to property management - an approach that pays our owners substantial dividends over the long term.

Interested in working with our team?

Here’s what we can offer you with our full-time property management services:

  • Guidance of your investment to long-term profitability, obtaining the maximum market rental rate and keeping turnover of tenants to a minimum
  • Rapid action to keep rents at an optimum level for the property owner’s benefit
  • Complete monthly accounting statements and payments by the 20th of each month
  • Electronic payment and statement options
  • Frequent personal communication with our owners by phone, e-mail, and in-person
  • Competitive bids on all major work, utilizing years of experience gained with local vendors and suppliers
  • Authorization within the State of Oregon to set rental rates, advertise for rent or lease, show properties, take applications, check credit and other references, make screening decisions, enter into rental agreements, and collect rents
  • Top of the line technology (AppFolio) that provides resources for quick and secure payments to our owners and tools to quickly rent properties.