Yard work:

With the fall season comes falling leaves. If responsible for yard maintenance, please try to rake leaves regularly to avoid damage to lawns or clogged street drains.


When packing your freezer and/or refrigerator, please leave room for air circulation. Too many contents can result in improper cooling.

Window Coverings:

Blinds and drapes need to be cleaned occasionally to minimize dust, and should be used regularly to maximize air flow and cut down on mildew in window tracks.

Baking Soda and Vinegar:

Two natural products which are a great combination for cleaning are Baking Soda and Vinegar. There are many natural cleaner recipes which use these products that can be found online. These can be bought in bulk for cheap compared to prepackaged cleaning products.

Interior painting:

Unless you receive permission from us, interior painting is not allowed to be done. Please ask first before painting.


Adding a pet to a property is a major change. Not all pets are allowed and we need to chat about breed, age, etc. Talk to us before adding a pet.


Notify our office right away if you notice any plumbing leaks, whether small or large. The sooner we can arrange for repair, the lesser the chance of mildew or mold development and greater chance to preserve material life.

Dishwasher maintenance:

If you notice your dishwasher is not cleaning well, inspect the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher for debris to remove. If the area is clean and there are still issues with cleaning dishes properly, there could be a more significant issue for us to tackle.

Garbage disposals:

Items which should never be put through a garbage disposal include: significant amounts of rice, ramen noodles, pastas, and any other food items which may swell with water absorption. These may cause a blockage in the drain line.

Floor and area rugs:

Rugs are a great way to avoid permanent stains in high traffic areas of your home and potentially save on carpet cleaning costs once you are moved. Consider laying down rugs near entry ways, stairs, and hallways.

Proper notice:

If you intend to move, a written 30-day notice will be required if you are in a lease term currently or have entered into a month-to-month agreement.

House cleaning:

Spring is a great time to deep clean those windows, blinds, and other surfaces. It also creates a more comfortable environment for your livability. Natural remedies abound using items like baking soda and vinegar as well. Clean regularly and thoroughly. A lack of cleaning fixtures, toilets, flooring, etc, can erode finishes and cause materials to break down quicker. Additionally, it can keep those living in your property healthier by reducing allergens (i.e. dust, mildew).

Yard Maintenance:

If you are responsible for yard maintenance at your property, rake leaves, trim hedges, and fertilize your lawn to maintain the appearance and health of your yard.

Vent and Hose Bibb Covers:

Once cooler temperatures hit, it is important to cover crawlspace vents and exterior hose bibbs. This will prevent cold air from circulating under floors and plumbing from freezing.