Many of you might have just come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions – run a marathon, visit family more often, recycle whenever you can or make a new friend. Whatever our resolutions are they tend to highlight the things in life we value. Health. Family. Environment. Friendship.


At CPM, our resolutions for 2016 center around the value of follow-through. We want to make sure that issues are handled timely and effectively. That you are given quality time and care. Sometimes issues arise which we haven’t seen before. Because we care about follow-through we invent creative solutions and brainstormnew processes. This can sometimes mean more time is needed as we consult with other professionals or contractors who might have a different perspective based on experience.


I’ve been thinking about what follow-through looks like as a parent. As my daughter explores the high school years, this may look like helping her tackle less than stellar grades on a tough course. Just like with CPM, we come up with solutions and take action. Together we can look at social issues which distract from coursework or meet with teachers to figure out other ways to explain a subject matter. With work being such a big part of my life, follow-through means that I devote attention to her educational challenges after hours when I am tired from a long day.


In February, CPM will announce our move to a new office which will be more visible to the public and hopefully offer easier physical access for our tenants.Part of this move is due to our value of follow-through.  We want to be more accessible. If our tenants can get access to us in a timely manner, we can follow-through on the needs that matter most.


We hope that you will find a greater ease of access to CPM offices and our staff.


As January continues to unfold we challenge you to take a look at your values. Does your life reflect those values? What can you change to model more of what you value?


Happy new year-