Summer brings many opportunities to invest in our communities. We’ve found that the time we spend building into our community gives us a sense of vision and pride while making a difference. It’s worth the time and energy!

In last month’s newsletter, I mentioned our involvement with the Newberg area Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity has chapters in most major cities and many smaller communities as well. It is a program that brings to life the idea that those who work hard and have a need for permanent housing can achieve that with the help of those in their own community.

At CPM, we work with those from all income levels, family structures, and education backgrounds. We base our application process on a flat line of screening criteria so that those who are qualified and will take care of a property are able to find a nice place to live. We hope to be a source of provision in our community, whether through renting to families like yours, volunteering at community events, or donating funds to local organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

We would encourage you to find local causes and organizations to which you may contribute. Volunteers are widely sought by many and funds bring life to great ideas.

We welcome hearing about how you contribute to your community!

Until next time,
Owner, CPM