Ah, the colors of autumn are settling into the Pacific Northwest.  It started a little early this year, too, in mid-August.  All of you that work around wine grapes in our region are busy with Crush season, possibly a bit earlier then planned.

So, how do we handle change whether predictable or unexpected? 

Sometimes, we can rely on past experience or the voice of others who have gone through something similar.  Some of us choose to retreat to our favorite quiet spaces and some of us get active to push through the stress.  Change can bring chaos and test every drop of our resolve.  If you find yourself in this season, press through – draw from strength inside yourself or from those around you who have voiced their support, and tackle the fear and doubt. There is light ahead.

Children are constantly changing, and often those changes are unexpected. Parenting can be one of the toughest but most rewarding avenues of life. It can be hard to determine which way is the best way to handle the ever-changing, ever-growing young humans in our lives.  The school calls, the friend calls.  The day can be turned on its head in a flash.  Yet they still need every bit of our love and compassion.

How do we find rest in the unsettledness of change?

Personally, I love practicing meditation and prayer.  This is something which can be done anywhere.  My favorite places to find space to meditate are the outdoors (hiking the Oregon Coast, the Cascades, Mt. Hood, Bend, or the Wallowas), sacred spaces (Trappist Abbey, old chapels), and sometimes even a downtown area where people are going about their lives (Newberg, McMinnville, Portland).  When the storms are rolling in, it can be so important to ground ourselves in what we know.  You can only give from that which you already have in you.

Thank you for trusting us with your stories and your business! Stay grounded and embrace the season you are in.

Owner, CPM