Whew, the rains have found those of us in the Pacific Northwest again, haven’t they? Good thing the weather was a little gentler than the forecasters predicted. Hopefully, you are all staying dry!

Recently I have been thinking about the importance of kindness. A family friend who walked with me through the difficult process of a failed adoption just passed away from cancer. She was surrounded by struggle and had plenty of reason to respond to others with bitterness. Yet this friend showed more kindness to others than many and was always available, and (more importantly) chose to offer the kindest of words to encourage not only me but all who sought her out. Kindness is never overrated. It can change any situation for the better. I will always remember her kindness.

If you have a chance and would like to show kindness within your own community, the Better My Town Challenge may be a great start. This simple challenge was started by Casey Hostetler of Newberg, Oregon, but can take place anywhere in the world. The idea is to film, photograph, or write about something kind you did in your community and post it on social media with the hashtags #BetterMyTown or #BetterMyTownChallenge. Picking up litter, donating blankets to a homeless shelter and volunteering are some examples. Adults and kids of all ages can easily participate.

If you decide to take part in this challenge, we would love to hear about what you are doing. Feel free to tag us on Facebook when you post! You can find the Better My Town Challenge at bettermytown.org, on Facebook or on Twitter and Instagram @BetterMyTown.

I hope all is well within your world and that you find opportunity to show kindness to those around you this season.

Owner, CPM