UPDATED 5/28/21

Every year, we perform annual inspections at each one of our properties where tenants have resided for more than a few months. This process usually takes 3-5 months and we will do the majority of these inspections between March and September this year.

The goals of annual inspections are to help us be proactive in regards to problems that can be annoying for tenants, handling repairs needed before they become a bigger issue, and let property owners know that their tenants are caring well for the property.

This is what you might expect from us during this process:

  • With at least 24-hour notice, we will schedule the inspection via mail, email, text, and/or phone call/voicemail. Make sure we have your current contact information on file if anything has changed since you moved into your home.
  • On the day of the inspection, we will bring a key for the property and arrive within the block of time scheduled. Logan, from CPM, will be handling the scheduling of all of the annual inspections and will perform the majority of the inspections himself.
  • During the inspection, we will note any items which need attention. These items range from routine maintenance (i.e. moss on a roof) to urgent repairs (i.e. water leak not previously reported) to damaged materials (i.e. hole in a door) to other issues (i.e. inoperable vehicle). These items will be flagged for follow-up.
  • For items that would be an owner expense, we will schedule with a contractor or set up a time to repair or maintain those himself. For tenant damages or issues needing attention, we will send a letter to the tenant requesting that the items be taken care of within 30 days. Tenant issues also may need additional follow-up or discussion with a tenant on the next steps.

Our policy is to not enter a property when only minor children are present. With pets, we will attempt to enter. If a pet is too protective and acts aggressively, we may have to reschedule for a later time.

Sometimes, tenants may have not reported small maintenance items during the course of the year and we will attempt to catch those. If you have any specific items which you would like us to follow up on, please leave us a note or send an email so that we can look for the issue while inspecting the property.

If you have any questions, you may reach out to us at office@cpmoregon.com for more information.