Along with the Chehalem Property Management core values comes a foundation of Trust. This can be displayed through actions, commitment, and integral persistence. From everyday scenarios to difficult situations trust is much deeper than a one-time business transaction. We highly value our clients’ Trust.

My first job during my junior high school years was as a carrier for the “The Democrat,” a newspaper for farm-rich Woodland, California. Not only was it important to get up early on weekends and rush home after school during weekdays, but I had to commit to completing my route regardless of agonizing heat, blustery rain, or frosty streets. The newspaper relied on carriers to deliver their news in routine fashion within a specific square footage at each customer’s doorstep.

I learned to value my route supervisor’s trust to deliver a product as required daily. Their trust earned me additional routes and substitution opportunities for other carriers when needed. My customers trusted “The Democrat” to find reliable carriers which meant heightened responsibility. In those formative years, I learned that trust comes with reliability, perseverance, and attention to quality customer service. This is something that still resonates with me regardless of how many years go by.

Chehalem Property Management has competitors that spring up from time to time, yet we see our place as providing quality services efficiently and accurately with an experienced perspective. We go beyond the efforts of other companies, whether large chain property management corporations or small offices run as a side business. Our approach is weathered and shown to be true. We take your trust seriously and we offer complete services which meet your needs. Fluffy marketing is not something we are interested in, nor are we going to make promises which we cannot meet. We need your trust to continue growing from referrals and reputation.

Yet we are human and sometimes we might miss the mark of your expectations; however, we will do our best to make a mistake or oversight right. We are always listening for ways to evolve. We appreciate your constructive criticism as well as your praise. Many have written or called to express their positive recognition of our staff and heightened customer service. This feedback and your continued business displays trust in our company.

As the holidays approach, we wish you the best of times with family and friends. Know that we are thankful for you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your business.