Follow Through

When I think of follow through I often hear people referring to sports. Usually it refers to completing a motion. When I was a kid my coach used to tell me follow through with our swing when hitting a baseball. He said that wherever the swing of the bat ends the baseball will travel. Another way I see follow through is in water. When you see water flowing down a river or creek it seems to always find a path. Even though rocks and seemingly insurmountable objects are in the way, eventually the water will erode those objects until it breaks through. Even structurally sound dams erode if not properly maintained.

Follow through in business should be like water. Even if there are roadblocks in the way of follow through, there are almost always ways to overcome and erode those obstacles in order to see their plan come to completion. Therefore, in everyday life, follow through simply means seeing a plan or project to total completion. Follow through means doing what one says they will do.

Another word for this is integrity. This means that we will do our absolute best to follow through on what we say we will do, and if something falls through the cracks we will make it right. For tenants this could mean following up on maintenance, billing, and any other questions or issues you may have have in a timely and respectful manner. For owners this means addressing any concerns and issues regarding one’s property in a cost and time efficient and effective way. We are serious about earning and keeping your trust. Thank you for your business!

Now that you have read about what follow through means to CPM, we invite you to join us in thinking about follow through this month.