We are in the holiday season, folks! Hasn’t this year flown by? At CPM we honor you and your stories. This month I wanted to tell you a bit more about myself by including the top 10 things I am thankful for. I’m thankful for…

  1. Family – Especially my immediate family, but also my extended and adopted-ish family. Our formerly adopted son announced he may be getting married soon and we are happy to still be involved as his family.
  2. Life – One of our good family friends recently passed away from cancer. The day before her memorial one of our family dogs passed away from old age. Death has a way of helping you appreciate life a little more.
  3. Color – Part of having the gift of sight is being able to see color. I’m taken back by this season’s wonderfully golden glow against the grey mysterious fog.
  4. Hugs – Loving contact has a way of fixing hurt and other ails; hugs are my favorite.
  5. Dark Chocolate – Curling up in a warm, cozy blanket on a rainy day with my Kindle or a book just begs for the complement of dark chocolate. The “dark” part is mandatory for the enjoyment factor.
  6. Trails – A good hiking trail in a forest or meadow or on a mountain is hard to beat.
  7. Clients – I enjoy knowing our diverse client base, whether owners or tenants (and I know all in our office do as well). You all have helped us grow through referrals and continual business. I love getting to know your stories and views.
  8. Music – This is almost an essential element for me, like air or water (I said almost!). Music is always coursing through my brain. Playing drums, performing with a group, and recording music are highlights of my life.
  9. Travel – Though I have been busy with the logistics of owning CPM occasionally I still get to slip in a trip or two. The best parts of traveling are random and unplanned experiences, good food, and meeting new people.
  10. Games – All my life, I have enjoyed challenges. Games give the opportunity to strategize and are an outlet for my underlying sense of competition.

What are you thankful for this season? Make sure to tell others.

With gratitude-
Owner, CPM