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In this blog post, I would like to share with you our first core value: Honor.


Honor can have many different meanings. In the business world we see this portrayed through awards and recognition given to deserving recipients. For us at Chehalem Property Management, we honor our owners and tenants by giving what the dictionary terms “courteous regard” within whatever situations may arise.

Within last month’s newsletter, I shared that my childhood was one where my family moved around fairly regularly. This was an opportunity for me to mingle with people of different nationalities and races. I met many people including farmers, musicians, white and blue collars, and people in between. For every person I met, honor meant something personal to them. Some of them value honoring their elders, or their children, or their ancestral countries’ traditions and religions. I saw firsthand how divisions between people became reconcilable when common goals were established and respect was given regardless of some team members’ shortcomings or differences.

We at CPM are committed to working in tandem with others, regardless of personal opinion, to find workable solutions for all. We work hard at nurturing honor within our company. Negotiation and mediation are some keys we have found in the world of property management. From the easiest to most difficult of circumstances, honor can be a thread which bring things around to a positive end. This can result in lessons learned, such as patience, trust, and cooperation, which create a deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Now that you have read about what honor means to CPM, we invite you to join us in thinking about honor this month.