Whew, the rains have found those of us in the Pacific Northwest again, haven’t they? Good thing the weather was a little gentler than the forecasters predicted. Hopefully, you are all staying dry! Recently I have been thinking about the importance of kindness. A family friend who walked with me through the difficult process of […]

Changing Seasons

Ah, the colors of autumn are settling into the Pacific Northwest.  It started a little early this year, too, in mid-August.  All of you that work around wine grapes in our region are busy with Crush season, possibly a bit earlier then planned. So, how do we handle change whether predictable or unexpected?  Sometimes, we […]

Getting Out

On a recent sunny afternoon my daughter, I and our new dog Luke went for a hike. We had such a wonderful time enjoying our surroundings. Not only was it beneficial for us to get some exercise but we also were able to meet new people along the way. This month, we are encouraging you […]

Get Involved

Summer brings many opportunities to invest in our communities. We’ve found that the time we spend building into our community gives us a sense of vision and pride while making a difference. It’s worth the time and energy! In last month’s newsletter, I mentioned our involvement with the Newberg area Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for […]